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Our Pastor

Reverend Lori Keller Burns

Kenilworth UCC welcomed Reverend Lori Keller Burns to our church on November 1, 2019.

​Pastor Lori Keller Burns has been ordained for over 25 years in the United Church of Christ and has served parishes in rural, urban and suburban settings. She is working on her dissertation towards a Doctor of Ministry at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (Rochester NY). The dissertation explores the similarities between the “Spiritual But Not Religious” community and ancient nomadic communities.

Pastor Lori is married to Pam Burns and is the mother of Jessica Schroeder.

She is also mother to:

  • Kathy Jones (married to Ryan Jones, currently lives in Arkansas and is expecting a son),
  • William Keller (senior at University of Southern Indiana, Engineering Program

She is step-mom to Pam’s three children:

  • Adra Skaggs (married to Jason Skaggs, currently lives in Kentucky and has two daughters),
  • Andy Hocker (married to Jen Hocker, currently lives in Texas, and has one daughter) and to
  • Kate Britt (married to Eric, currently lives in Kentucky, and has one son).

If you have not visited “The Study” (the pastor’s office), it has been transformed into an interfaith space of tranquility and study. The door is unlocked; please make yourself at home. Come and share in coffee and conversation. Borrow a book. Explore a variety of spiritual items. Snuggle with a stuffed bear. Ask questions. Pray or meditate. This space has been purposefully designed to be a place of peace.